Making sure your items arrive safely

Expertise when delivering overnight in Lincolnshire

After our years of experience delivering overnight parcels for commercial and domestic purposes, we at Lincolnshire County Couriers have the knowledge required to package your items safely. Travelling throughout the UK from Lincolnshire, Grantham and Horncastle, we provide a friendly and flexible service that is tailored to your exact needs for overnight delivery.

When packing your boxes

  • Always use the correct size box for your item to avoid jostling in transit.
  • Use strong, good-quality boxes and materials and remove any old labels from reused boxes.
  • Don't overload boxes and use plenty of padding inside, such as bubble wrap, newspaper, or other packaging materials.
  • When sending data storage media, ideally wrap each item separately and ensure they are well cushioned.
  • Put gift-wrapped items into another box to avoid damage.
  • Make sure liquids, powders, semi-liquids or any strong-smelling items are stored in correctly sealed leak-proof containers, wrapped in plastic bags, and held upright in boxes clearly marked with arrows to indicate the direction they should be stored.
  • Protect sharp items securely with wrapping around scissors and knives.
  • Secure all boxes with strong packaging tape or a strapping machine.
  • Write labels in all caps clearly, and don't cover them with tape or film.
  • Include both the address and sender details inside the parcel so we can still complete overnight delivery even if the outer label is detached.

Fast and convenient service

When looking for a courier service for delivering overnight, choose Lincolnshire County Couriers. Based in Lincolnshire, Grantham and Horncastle, we are dedicated to ensuring your item arrives on time and at a competitive price. We cannot accept any liability for the packing advice given above, but hope it'll assist you in packing your items safely and securely. Please don't hesitate to get in touch for clarification on our overnight delivery services.
Talk to our team on 01476 593 979 about delivering overnight parcels
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